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Deborah Hall

I worked in education for 35 years in North London in a variety of schools with upward of 480 pupils and am now retired. I hold both the NPQH and NPQSI qualifications which helped me develop as a successful headteacher.

As a school leader I was a member of my Local Safeguarding Board and LEA Human Resources Panel and feel confident challenging and contributing to the well-being and safety of all members of the school’s community.

I believe It is imperative that schools provide all children with the skills and determination to achieve their dreams without encountering limitations or prejudice. I believe that teachers should be knowledgeable, adventurous and innovative in their work and accountable to the community they work in.

Having a passion for sport all my life led me to work with the QCA PESS project for nine years. Through this work I witnessed first-hand how high-quality physical activities before, during and after school contributes towards the mental and physical wellbeing of children which in turn allows them to confidently access “what life throws at them”.

I strongly believe every child has the right to high quality provision in a safe and secure environment!